Visionary design leader driving human-centred business

Hi, I'm Andrew. I've led projects for renowned agencies, startups, corporates, charities, and government clients. Leveraging my facilitative and collaborative strengths, core capabilities in UX, Product and Service Design, and self-taught entrepreneurial and developer skillsets, I enable organisations tackle complex challenges, create scalable solutions, and thrive in adversity.

10+ years international design career
Lead, Mentor, Entr/Intrepreneur
Masters/Bachelors in Design


Leading Projects, Inspiring Culture

Over my 10 year design career, my mission has always to deliver great work and create a positive impact but also to inspire, excite, and instil thriving cultures of user-centred design through strong design leadership. I admire leaders whose actions speak louder than words, and I aspire to set that example whenever possible. This includes openly sharing my work, mentoring and supporting other designers, cultivating environments that encourage creativity and collaboration, and inspiring vision and direction throughout the broader organisation.

International Studies

My international studies have been a transformative springboard into a world of exploration and cross-cultural immersion. Along this voyage, I've absorbed diverse perspectives, harnessed innovative work methodologies, and leveraged design as a unifying force, bridging gaps and forging global connections.

Passion-Driven Side Projects

I possess an innate entrepreneurial spirit that drives me to continually engage in diverse side projects. Over the years, I've ventured into various realms, including hosting successful meetup groups, podcasts, and launching innovative products and services. These endeavors, whether publicly acknowledged or not, reflect my unwavering commitment to driving positive change and making a meaningful impact. By embracing this entrepreneurial mindset, I infuse fresh perspectives, innovation, and an unwavering drive for positive change into every facet of my work, ultimately benefiting businesses by fostering a culture of creativity, adaptability, and forward-thinking.


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